Carson Hawk Child 5x30mm Binoculars Review

Carson Hawk Child Binoculars

The Carson Hawk Child 5x30mm Binoculars are absolutely perfect for children of almost any age. There is an array of amazing features that put these far above the competition. Kids will begin to see the enjoyment of learning and appreciation for nature.

The Carson name implies an advanced piece of optics unmatched by other companies. This leader of optical equipment was founded over two decades ago, and innovation and quality are crucial components of their business strategy.

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Their core group of dedicated engineers and designers put forth years of effort into developing only the best products, and that incredible dedication was used during the design and development of these child specific binoculars.

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They are not only durable and lightweight, but they also feature exceptional image quality found in good quality, higher cost products. Unbelievably, the price remains quite low, despite the perfectly child optimized construction and specifications.

These are a great gift for kids of all ages for any occasion. They will remain intact and functional on repetitive impacts, and they offer a new perspective on the world. Every child can then better understand the world and the vast, beautiful nature contained within it.

Kids Binoculars Specifications

Carson Hawk Child Binoculars 5x303124.9oz3.7$
Bushnell Powerview Compact Binocular 7-15x2526211oz4.2$
Nikon Binoculars Trail Blazer 10x2534210oz4.8$
Bushnell Powerview Compact Folding Binocular 12x2524011oz4$
BARSKA WP Floatmaster Binoculars 10x3026218oz3.8$
Carson Mini Scout Compact Binocular 7x184894.5oz3.8$
Pentax UCF-X II Binocular 8x2532411oz4.7$
Eagle Optics Energy Sun Binoculars 8x213836oz5$
BARSKA Pink Porro Binoculars 10x252887oz4$
BARSKA Compact Waterproof Binocular 10x2530313.5oz3.8$
Kowa YF Porro Prism Binoculars 6x3042016oz5$$

Main Usage

Carson Hawk Child Binoculars

The targeted user for this amazing product is primarily children. A suitable design must both accommodate small hands and the need for a lighter weight; the Carson Hawk Child 5x30mm Binoculars does just that, fulfilling their role within the market seamlessly.

The usage by any child is only limited by the imagination. Ranging from exploring the woods in the backyard to getting a closer look of insects, the 5x magnification can provide a better view when natural vision just isn’t enough.

Almost every activity will be enhanced through the use of these binoculars. They are a great addition to camping or hiking trips and sporting events. The strong magnification in these compact binoculars will ensure clear images of the smallest details.

With the improved vision of the seemingly insignificant aspects of life, such as insects, plants, and other critical components of ecosystems, an improved appreciation for the small parts of life can be gained, which will vastly increase compassion for nature, thirst for knowledge, and desire for outdoor activity.

Physical activity and outside exploration is becoming lost with the new pieces of technology being released today, such as smartphones and videogames. Therefore, the demand for such a product is increasing, and this Carson product fulfills the need perfectly.

It also shows that with the advancement of computing devices, optical equipment is improving too. While science is significantly impacted, this also helps the consumer experience by allowing for more cost effective, feature packed products, such as these binoculars.

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Carson Hawk Child Binoculars

The lenses are built with only the most advanced technology, which currently is the BaK-4 lens. These are an upgrade over the BaK-7 because the exit pupils are circular, rather than square. The circular shape leads to better images without distortion on the edges.

Additionally, the Porro version is utilized, instead of roof. Porro is much more cost-effective, which is optimal for child-specific binoculars.

The lenses are fully coated, which means every glass surface has one layer of coat. This will ensure sharp, clear images with suitable contrast.


The 5x is the level of magnification, which is referenced in the term 5x30mm. This means the subject will seem five times larger than when viewed normally.

It is recommended that kids utilize lower magnification for easier, quicker use. Five times is almost undoubtedly the best balance of performance and ease of use. Therefore, even young ages will enjoy using these binoculars.

The other number, 30 millimeters, refers to the objective lens diameter. A larger number is best because more light is allowed into the binocular. An increased amount of light leads to more vivid views, even during dim situations.

Image Quality

Carson Hawk Child Binoculars

The strong field of view allows for identifying subjects easily. However, sharpness and contrast are also important to remove any blurriness or distortion. These attributes are gained through the coating, lens dimension, and glass quality.

The decently sized objective lens diameter combined with full coating ensures that high definition images during low lighting situations remain possible. Any age will be able to appreciate the great quality views of every subject.

The tough structure will keep those clear, beautiful sights lasting for years, even considering the abuse commonly provided by children on their toys.

Eye Relief

The reasonable eye relief distance ensures that even children with glasses can enjoy seeing nature with a magnified view.

Anyone that wears glasses should strive for 11 mm or higher eye relief to ensure a comfortable fit. The subject will then remain in focus with a reasonable distance between the eye and lens.

Carson Hawk Child 5x30mm Binoculars: Advantages and Disadvantages

The weight is under one third of a pound, and the dimensions measure just a few inches in each direction. However, the lightweight and durable construction limits the functionality found within the optical tool. Any increase in magnification or image clarity would undoubtedly boost weight, price, and size.

The cost is a significant factor when making any purchase, and this Carson product is one of the lowest of any binocular device. A low price point is perfect for a tool that a child will fast outgrow or lose.


Carson Hawk Child Binoculars

While they may not showcase the high of optical advancement, the Carson Hawk Child 5x30mm Binoculars are perfect for young ages. They accommodate small hands and are ridiculously lightweight.

The price is significantly reduced by opting for the more cost effective, fully coated BaK-4 Porro lenses. These attributes could be upgraded, but the price would jump significantly. A solid balance is maintained to provide the most suitable option for kid specific binoculars.

They are one of the greatest gifts for exploring the outdoors and better understanding life. The inquisitive personality of most children coincides perfectly with this wonderful tool. It also boosts development and maturity significantly.

Carson Hawk Child 5x30mm Binocular Review Binocs
Carson Hawk Child 5x30mm Binocular Review
Lasting durability perfect for withstanding the rough hands of children.
Bird Watching
Outdoor Sports
Wildlife Observation
Marine Use
They are one of the greatest gifts for exploring the outdoors and better understanding life.