Minox Binoculars Review

Minox Binoculars ReviewThough not as popular in the United States as they are in Europe, Minox binoculars are beginning to develop into some of the best binoculars available. Known for their engineering and high quality optic performance ever since the early 1920s, it wasn’t until after World War II had ended that the Minox really started to catch on.

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First producing spy cameras and a number of other high-end film-based cameras, there binoculars have gained global attention for their quality and visual clarity.

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Minox HG BR Binoculars Specifications

Minox HG 8 X 33 BRMinox HG 8 X 43 BRMinox HG 10 X 43 BR



Eye Relief

15 mm18 mm15.5 mm

Field of View

394 ft/1000 yds321 ft/1000 yds321 ft/1000 yds

Close Focus

6.6 ft8.2 ft8.2 ft


Phase-coated BaK4Phase-coated BaK4Phase-coated BaK4




4.8" x 4.75"5.6" x 4.75"5.6" x 4.75"
  All but entirely abandoning their line of film cameras today, you can expect a near perfect level of attention given to each and every one of their Minox binoculars. Though a little bit on the more expensive side (you certain you pay for the German engineering and high-quality components), they rival any of the other high-end and almost luxury binoculars out there today. Somewhat simple, somewhat understated, but undeniably rugged and well-made, you’ll appreciate the fine level of detail that these Minox binoculars have been crafted to. You’ll want to read this quick review to determine whether or not either of these two binoculars platforms are right for your needs.

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Initial Impressions

Unlike some of the other very popular binoculars in the United States, Minox binoculars aren’t all that heavy, don’t feel all that “finished”, and in fact feel a little bit on the inexpensive side. Minox Binoculars Review

However, if you judged this book by its cover, you would never have the opportunity to see just how high performing these binoculars really are! That lightweight feeling doesn’t speak to cheapness but instead they use some space-age construction materials that reduce weight in a way that you will appreciate after a few hours of use.

Once you press your eyes up against the eyepieces, everything changes and you’ll begin to understand why so many people are just wild about Minox binoculars.

On par with almost all other high-end binoculars options, there’s a reason that these are so overwhelmingly popular all over the world!

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Depending upon the specific model you invest in, generally you’re going to get standard rubberized eyepieces that you’ll find anywhere else That rubberized material extends all the way through the barrels and across the hinges of these binoculars. This gives it a very military like feel and a tactical feedback that some really appreciate.

Minox Binoculars ReviewFocusing Capabilities

The engineers responsible for these incredible binoculars spent a lot of time perfecting the focusing mechanism. Even if you’ve had years of experience with other high-end optics solutions you’ll still come away quite surprised with just how quickly and easily you’re able to focus in with crystal-clear image quality. The mechanism is able to adjust on-the-fly with just a single finger, though you can use two fingers to really “dial it in” to an almost unbelievable level of clarity. Though most of their products offer a short focus of only about 7 feet, some of the Minox binoculars out there offer a 379-foot field of view at 1000 yards – and a handful of them claim even better-focusing performance at greater distances!

Visual Clarity

Minox Binoculars ReviewVisual clarity is absolutely through the roof, which is to be expected thanks to the inclusion of fluoride extra low dispersion glass as well as a proprietary process of coating the glass that very few other manufacturers are using. With 21 different layers of lens coating optimizing the performance of light and color that comes through each of the twin barrels, and high-quality prisms used throughout, you’re going to enjoy very bright and very high contrast level images every single time you peek through the eyepieces.

Performance in Low Light Conditions

More than a little bit decent during low-light conditions, these aren’t exactly game changers when the sun is going down but they are more than enough to get the job done. Because of the proprietary coating that we spoke about earlier that lets in extra light into the lenses, you might be able to squeeze just a bit more optical performance out of the Minox binoculars.

Minox Binoculars Review Binocs
Minox Binoculars Review
Minox binoculars can stand toe to toe with any competition.
Bird Watching
Outdoor Sports
Wildlife Observation
Marine Use
Somewhat simple, somewhat understated, but undeniably rugged and well-made, you’ll appreciate the fine level of detail that these Minox binoculars have been crafted to.

Final Verdict

If you need a pair of binoculars that are taking advantage of some of the latest and greatest technologies, construction materials, and lens coating processes then you need to get your hands on a pair of Minox binoculars. German engineering has always been renowned for their consistent level of high quality and a drive to innovate without over-complicating, and these binoculars are a perfect representation of that credo. It won’t be all that long until more and more people in the U.S catch on to what people in Europe have known ever since the end of World War II. Minox binoculars can stand toe to toe with any other option and will not disappoint.

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