Types of Hunting

As a hunter, you will need to decide what sort of weapon you will use to hunt. A lot of factors go into making this decision, from distance, type of game, the season, terrain, and more. Hunting With Firearms Whether hunting big or small game, hunters will need to decide if they’ll use a rifle, […]

How to Spot and Track Deer

Deer hunting is a sport that requires skill, alertness, and a ton of patience. While it sounds as simple as picking up a gun or crossbow and heading into the woods, hunting deer requires a lot of preparation, observation, and time. Deer are rarely hanging out in plain view waiting to be found and often need […]

How Far Can You See with 10×50 Binoculars?

Obviously, binoculars are used to see objects at a distance. The telescope was invented about 400 years ago and binoculars are basically two telescopes that are attached. The first number is the magnification and the second number is the size of the objective lens (the lens closest to the object you are viewing). So, in this post, we […]

Best Cardinal Bird Feeders

Cardinals are amazingly beautiful birds that any new birder would want in their garden. You can see this amazing creatures year round with their magnificent color. They also have beautiful songs that match their attractive plumage. That along with their friendly demeanor make the cardinal a very desirable bard to have in your garden! If you’re attracting […]

5 Best Gifts to Give a Hunter or Birder for Fathers Day

So, you ask your significant other what he wants for fathers day. He replies Right… Women are difficult to shop for, but men are impossible to shop for, especially on holidays such as father’s day. So, we’ve put together the secret list of things to give him without him having to tell you. 5. MultitoolNothing. I’m fine. Every outdoorsman needs […]

Ultimate Binocular Buyers Guide

Almost as soon as telescopes were invented in the 1600’s, people were planning how to mount two of them together to create binoculars. It wasn’t until 1825 that the first one was actually created in a modern fashion, and since then the industry has exploded. From hunting to boating, from the military to hobbiests, millions of […]