About Us

The luxury of growing up in the country meant I developed a strong love for the outdoors. To this day bush walking, bird watching, hiking, camping and any other outdoor activities are high on the enjoyment scale in my book.

Being in touch with the wilderness and nature really makes me feel alive.

Hunting, spotting, stalking animals I find very exciting and rewarding.  I’m always watching the different TV shows to get new ideas and tips.

Myself and my brothers all went through the boy scouts and both my parents were the leaders of the local Scout group.  From a young age I always had a pair of binoculars strapped to my pack when heading out on a hike or camp.  I was mainly interested in watching birds and small wild animals in their natural habitat.

It wasn’t until I was a teenager and started working that I purchased my first real set of quality binoculars.  I couldn’t believe the difference the 8×42 Eagle Optics provided.  The wide range meant I wasn’t darting all over the place so much.  It was perfect for my bird watching.

Today I own many different pairs and have become quite specific in what I will and won’t use.  Binoculars for birding, binoculars for hunting, full size, mid size there is more to consider when buying binoculars than most people realize.

I spent a great deal of time testing different binoculars myself and have only found a few authentic resources online providing helpful guidance to people.

So due to my love for this topic and my knowledge I decided to build this site and see if I can help others make the decision when choosing a great set of binoculars.

I hope HuntingForBinoculars.com can help you with your choice.

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