Fujinon Binoculars Review

Fujinon BinocularsWhen it comes to top-of-the-line binoculars, Fujinon binoculars stands out from the rest of the crowd with some of the best binoculars.

Maritime commanders, officers in the Navy, United States Marines, and those looking for high-end optical performance all have fallen in love with Fujinon binoculars, and for good reason.

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In fact, Hollywood itself has also had a bit of a love affair with Fujinon binoculars, and the odds are that if you’ve seen any movie set on a seafaring vessel you’ve seen a pair of these almost over-sized binoculars featured at some point in time.

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Fujinon Binoculars Specifications

Fujinon 10x70 MT-SXFujinon 16 × 70 FMT-SXFujinon 7 × 50 WP-XL


10 x 7016 x 707 x 50

Eye Relief


Field of View

305 feet230 feet430 feet

Exit Pupil

7 mm4.38 mm7.1 mm

Relative Brightness



1.80 kg1.92 kg885g


269 mm × 238 mm 270 mm × 238 mm178 mm × 200 mm (Max. Width) × 65 mm


Fujinon binoculars are engineered to perform in just about any weather condition.  The optics have been optimized for high contrast so that you can spot anything on the high seas.

These are well-designed binoculars that should serve you well for years and years to come.

Even if you never intend to pilot a ship but just want some binoculars you’ll appreciate all of the attention to detail that Fujinon binoculars are designed and built around.

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Initial Impressions

Fujinon BinocularsThe initial impression when seeing Fujinon binoculars for the first time is nearly universal.

Most people report that Fujinon binoculars look exactly like the binoculars that they have seen in every movie that revolves around a sea captain.

You know, those binoculars with long, tubular lenses with and a ruby red optical coating to eliminate glare that you deal with on the open seas.

But digging just a bit beneath that surface, you’ll find that these binoculars are incredibly capable in just about any weather condition or light situation.

They’ll give you high definition optical power without any real sacrifices whatsoever.

They also are constructed out of high-end materials and feel a little bit on the heavier side in the hand.

You’ll certainly want to take full advantage of the included quick detachable neck strap so that you aren’t carrying these around all the time.

Gorgeous in a classical way, Fujinon binoculars will cost a bit more than most other solutions on the market today but are well worth the extra investment.


Fujinon BinocularsThe eyepieces that come included with every set of Fujinon optical products are rather comfortable and provide exactly the type of relief you had hoped for.

On top of that, you’re not going to have to worry about eyesight fatigue or any field of view “blur” caused by eyepieces that aren’t quite as optimized as these.

The engineers at Fujinon certainly went above and beyond the call of duty to produce high level eyepieces.

They are coated with a rubberized material that allows you to get “up close and personal” with these binoculars without being too terribly uncomfortable over long periods of time.

They also do a good job to accommodate those that wear glasses without forcing them to take them off.

Focusing Capabilities

Fujinon BinocularsDepending what specific model you buy, you’re going to find that the focusing wheel is somewhere between being smooth and a little bit difficult to manipulate until it is “broken in”.

Obviously, like most other high-end binoculars manufacturers, Fujinon has created a focusing wheel that can be adjusted with just a single finger and a bit of pressure.

They also have a mechanism that allows you to “lock in” focus without having to worry about blur should you need to move the binoculars quickly or accidentally drop them.

Fujinon also has implemented a number of advanced technologies that cut down dramatically on the impact of inevitable hand tremors at higher zoom levels.

They have a flat field of view without any distortion of focus around the rings, which are as good as any other set of binoculars out there today.

Visual Clarity

Fujinon BinocularsMost of the Fujinon binoculars solutions out there take advantage of silvered, aluminized prisms and some of the highest and glass ever put into performance binoculars.

This results in stunning high definition visual quality at any magnification.

Obviously, they are multi-coated through and through, and the barrels have been nitrogen purged as well.

So you will enjoy no fogging whatsoever regardless of the temperature or any other weather conditions.

Performance in Low Light Conditions

Fujinon BinocularsIt is very important that the binoculars can perform in adverse conditions, especially when you’re trying to spot something against a sea of blackness.

Because of this, the engineers at Fujinon have gone above and beyond to produce binoculars that are incredibly capable in low light situations.

They’re obviously not a set of night vision goggles by any stretch of the imagination, but you’d be surprised at just how capable they are with nothing more than a clear sky and a full-Moon.

For those that need to use their binoculars at dusk or dawn, you’ll get every bit of performance you are hoping for and then some!

Fujinon Binoculars Review Binocs
Fujinon Binoculars Review
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Fujinon binoculars are engineered to perform in just about any weather condition.  The optics have been optimized for high contrast so that you can spot anything on the high seas.

Final Verdict

Certainly a little bit on the expensive side, you will get exactly what you pay for when you use Fujinon binoculars.

Whether it’s the proprietary coating process that they use on their lenses, the high quality glass used in each and every barrel of Fujinon binoculars, or their seemingly impossible to believe ability to pick up objects thanks to their high contrast, you’ll appreciate these every time you use them.

Not exactly designed for amateurs or hobbyists, these are high quality optical items that you will be able to use time and time again!