Barska Colorado Reverse Porro Zoom Binoculars Review

barska colorado reverse porro zoom binocularsNowadays you can travel anywhere in the world at a drop of the hat and many people take their Cell phones for communications and for photos now. But, most today forget to take one of the most critical things with them and without it; they often miss some of the most spectaculars sights on the planet.

The thing that is left behind or forgotten is a good pair of binoculars.

With a set of Barska Colorado Zoom Binocs, you can see everything around you close up.

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If you are a Birder, you already know the need for a rugged set of binoculars. You know how useful they are to you in the field.

But did you know?

Writers, Painters, and even photographers carry them as well.

It allows them to see things that are beyond their immediate reach and in the case of Writers or Journalist, it may also keep them out of danger as well.

Today getting too close to a story or news item can be hazardous to your health.

Today in our article, we will highlight this pair of rugged quality binoculars that are affordable and just the thing to take with you no matter what your hobby, vocation, or just to see the sights with on vacation.

Who else can get a lot of use out a good set of binoculars?

As mention previously, they are extremely useful to the artist. A painter is always on the lookout for the right place to set up and paint. Scenery and lighting have to be just right to capture the beauty of an area. Monet painted the same scene repeatedly once he found the right one.

Just think how many hours he spent just finding the perfect spot. If he had a good set of long-range eyes, he would have found it much quicker and we might have an additional beautiful painting by him to enjoy today.

The Hunter is an obvious person who often needs to use binoculars to help in his hunting small or big game today.

You can examine the terrain for miles about and not disturb the animal life with your presence. You can watch watering spots and game paths a safe distance so as not to scare away your quarry.

For those who wish to watch a game in the wild a good set of Binoculars can help you to all of the above and instead of a gun you can use your camera and video to capture nature’s animals in all their natural splendor for all to experience.

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The secret is in the lenses and the coating

Having your lenses coated is a plus as it protects them from scratching, scaring, and nicks that may occur while you are moving through thick brush, heavy forest, or in rocky terrain.

Tinting also helps cut down on glare and it cuts down on the reflective flash, which can startle or scare a bird or animal and ruin your observations.

The materials that make up the lenses are also just important, as cheap plastic lenses often distort images and sometimes impart color shifts or rainbows at the edge of your vision.

Barska is a company that offers only quality lenses and stands behind their brand.

Barska 20-60x60 Zoom Colorado Spotting ScopeBarska 6-18X21 Colorado Zoom BinocularsBarska Colorado Reverse Porro Zoom



Lens Coating

Fully CoatedFully CoatedFully Coated

Field of View

114 ft.300 ft.189ft.

Close Focus

114 ft.9 ft.32.8 ft .

Eye Relief



2.49 pounds7 oz1.6 pounds


15.2 x 2.8 x 5.5 inches5 x 4.5 x 2.5 inches11.5 x 11.5 x 5 inches

But what kind of magnification can you expect?

When you think about magnification, you want a good range. Most binoculars are a fixed setting. Not so with the Barska, they have a 10X – 30X zoom feature, which means you can adjust you, view and change it on the fly as well as your view of the object changes as you move or it does.

The fact that the magnification system uses a Reverse Porro Prism as well means that even though these binoculars are a bit larger than some, they are smaller because of the prism’s design that gives you a clear image as the lenses zoom in and out.

This makes your viewing clear, fully adjustable throughout the range and comfort.

Image quality is the bottom line

barska colorado reverse porro zoom binocularsHere is the true test of any binoculars and the Barska Colorado Binoculars give you a great view for your money.

The images are crystal clear throughout the range of zoom settings and it even gives great lowlight viewing as well.

So, not only can a birder watch the birds that are in the area during the day but can catch the more elusive and rarely scene night birds that often hide by day and sleep in secret places.

For the Wildlife Photographer and Hunter too, this is a plus as you can observe the habits of the nocturnal animals around you and see where to set up your blinds and photographic stands as well.

But, are they comfortable to use?

The previously mention features of these binoculars also save your eyes from strain as well.

But, Barska goes even further and adds 14 mm of eye relief at 10X and 12 mm at the higher 30X zoom setting.

This means you can look through the lenses and watch Birds, animals, or people for many hours without the slightest stress on your eyes.

The Pros

The Barska binoculars have many good features and their owners have found additional pros to say about these binoculars as well:

  • Rugged design
  • Waterproof
  • Good light gathering ability
  • Well balanced for their weight
  • The extra weight makes them steadier than other lighter brands
  • Make a good spotting scope for shooters and hunters
  • Mounts to a tripod easily
  • Can compete with government-issued binoculars
  • Great value for the money

The Cons

Onto every product a little rain must fall. In the case of the Barska Colorado Binoculars, some have a few faults.

  • The instructions do not tell you how to remove the tripod cap. (It pops off)
  • At the upper end of the 30 X zoom, there is a slight purpling at the edge of your vision.
  • At 30X the slightest movement jerks the image. (Which means use a steady mount or tripod)

Final Verdict

The Barska Colorado Binoculars were created to give you a 10 -30 X zoom binoculars that are vesicle and adaptable for almost any time of outdoor use you might have need of a set of good binoculars.

Their design and quality ensure this and the majority of owners are more than pleased with their purchase as well.

Which tells this reviewer that not only in the customers estimate as well as the review of the technical specs and company information these binoculars live up to their billing.

Having spent thousands of hours peering through government-issued binoculars in out of the way place throughout the world, Barska has put in features, which should be incorporated into all binoculars today.

With the features, comfort, and price this reviewer rates Barska Colorado Zoom Binoculars in a decent 4 Stars out 5, of which 5 is being perfect.

  • You can buy better true. But the price will be easily 3 to 5 times more just to get a better pair.
  • Barska also includes a lifetime-limited warranty as well.
  • So, you cannot go wrong with a pair of Barska Binoculars.

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Barska Colorado Reverse Porro Zoom Binoculars Review Binocs
Barska Colorado Reverse Porro Zoom Binoculars Review
Great for the price. Better out there, but low price balances it out.
Bird Watching
Outdoor Sports
Wildlife Observation
Marine Use
Overall an average set of binoculars at a really good price. For the price, it's a great pair, but you could buy better for a bit more money.