Tasco Essentials 10 X 25 Binoculars Review

In today's world of satellite phones, GPS and other high tech gadgets that we often forget the most basic and useful when we go out into the wild.

We so often miss so much in our daily rush to get from point A to B that we often forget the essentials when we go on vacation in the forest, mountains, or by the ocean.

One of those essentials is a good pair of binoculars, which can make all the difference in the world when it comes to seeing the natural world, navigating, hunting, etc.

In this article, we'll go over the Tasco Essentials 10x50 with their Porro Prism System that will let you and your family get close to nature in a way that you never thought possible before.

Primary Uses Of Tasco Essentials 10x25 

When you decide on going out to see the Northern California, Washington, and Oregon bird sanctuaries you need to make sure you have your binoculars, camera, Maps and Birding guides.

A 10 X 25 pair of Binocs are a great way to see the birds in the saltwater estuaries and in the dunes all along the highway 101 an up.

They make identifying the high flying birds as well as those who hug the ground stand out in clear focus and make identifying them an easier task than with a lesser breed of binoculars.

Many people also just like to go out in the wild to get away from it all. This could mean going into the mountains or deep forests.

You need a good set of binoculars to get good look the land and pick out your landmarks be hiking through, whether it be woods or mountains.

This helps you avoid obstacles, as often your map and the terrain are out of sync. This could save you hours of fruitless trekking only to find that you have to retrace your steps and start over.

For hunters having set of long distant eyes makes sure you see where the best places are to set up your blind without disturbing the local ecology.

This is key for a successful hunt. You can also get the lay of the land, mark trails, and find where watering holes are as you map the territory you'll be hunting in.

Tasco Essentials 10x25 Compact Binoculars Specifications

Here, we'll go over the specs and technical aspects of these binoculars


Tasco precision grinds the lens in their products to exacting standards and the Essentials is no exception.

The lenses themselves are crystal clear and they are fully coated to protect them from scratches, are color correcting, and ensure clarity of image while you are using them in the field.

The roof prism system ensures you get great clarity in a compact binocular. You a wide field of vision with your 10 X 25 MM lenses.

The focus knob makes focusing on distance objects a smooth and your binoculars stay tightly focused with no unwanted shifting.

This is a winning combination smooth focus, precision lenses, and a Roof Prism all add up to a clear and perfect viewing of whatever you want to look at.

Field of View

288 ft


9.2 oz



You get a 10X magnification and with 25 MM objective lenses, that provides you with 288-foot wide field of vision at 1,000 yards.

Along with the roof system, that translates the image so you see everything corrected and clearly defined in your field of view.

The focus system gives you a smooth transition when you change your area of interest, which saves on eyestrain.

This also means you can quickly zero in on moving objects that catch your attention and you wish to observe. You can also easily keep an object in focus as it moves toward or away from you.

Image quality

The Tasco Essentials has a 5mm exit pupil, which means you always get the most light available and maximum image.

You will never have a dimming due to mismatch between what the lenses see and what is delivered to your eyes.

So this is like watching a HD TV where everything is crisp, clear, and always matches the light you see with your naked eye.

This helps you pick out details that with other binoculars you might otherwise miss.

This ability is very important for the naturalist trying to pick out an animal that is not moving.

You can see the subtle change in color and demarcation between the object and its background.

Eye Relief

With a poorly designed set of lenses, your eyes get fatigued quickly. Not so with the Essentials as their quality construction, lenses coating, and exit pupil all match your eye.

The fold down rubber eyecups make sure you have a good light seal and the binoculars rest comfortably against your eyes.

Pros of The Tasco Essentials 10x25 Compact Binoculars

The many users of these binoculars uniformly give the Tasco Essentials high marks and some of the things they have said are listed for you.

Considering these are an inexpensive pair of binoculars, they give performance on par with more expensive brands.

While you can't expect everything in a cheap pair of binoculars, these Tascos are great binoculars and a low price.

Cons Of These Tasco Essentials Binoculars

With any product, there are always some drawbacks and some people won't ike them.

These binoculars are water resistant but are not water proof. That means they are also not fog proof. So you can have some negative experience in wet or humid areas.

These are built in China and don't have the same quality control as an American or European pair would. Occasionally defective binoculars are shipped.

Our Review of The Tasco Essentials 10x25

As a former lookout on a naval combatant, this reviewer is well aware of the need for a good pair of binoculars as spending hours scanning the horizon can be wearing on the eyes.

The Tasco Binocs fulfill their niche as a rugged pair of binoculars that are ready to be thrown into a knapsack to go out the door for an outing or into the field.

Due to the fact they give good quality for their relatively low expense makes them ideal for use in places where binoculars that are more expensive could be damaged. Also, they require less maintenance that higher priced brands which makes them again attractive for the hobbyist or amateur who doesn't have a large budget, but wants a good pair of long-range eyes.

With all this in mind, this reviewer rates the Tasco Essentials 10 X 25 MM a solid 4 out of 5 Stars.

Tasco Essentials: Good Binocs at a reasonable price.

Tasco Essentials 10x25 Compact Binoculars Review Binocs
Tasco Essentials 10x25 Compact Binoculars Review
Decent quality, very inexpensive, not waterproof
Bird Watching
Outdoor Sports
Wildlife Observation
Marine Use
Overall an OK pair of binoculars that have a relatively good image for their price. They are not waterproof, which is a huge drawback, but the magnification, high definition image, and amazingly light build make up for that.

What Others Are Saying About The Essentials 10x25 Binoculars by Tasco

By Spring Eagle

I ordered 3 binoculars:

  • Bushnell Powerview 8x21
  • Tasco Essentials 10x25
  • Barska Blueline 3x25 opera glass

After comparing them during daylight and in the evening, I decided to keep the TASCO binoculars and then I returned the other ones.

The 25mm objective lens makes the difference between it and the 21 mm, allowing more light in.

Both the Tasco and Barska are great binoculars with a clear image without any sort of interference. The Barska is very cute and elegant and it's great for ladies who are fashionable and need something that matches them at the opera. I need something the violinist bowing when I am sitting in the back row of a concert. 

Neither the Bushnell nor the Barska fold all the way and they have bridges. So they are not super compact. Both Bushnell and Tasco come with a nice fabric case which is attachable to your belt or something else.

The Tasco Essentials 10x25 is completely foldable and is amazingly compact with no gaps. The others were easy to break because of the gap but not the Tasco. 

I am going to order more of the Tasco Essentials 10x25.

By Johnny Decat

Overall, they feel like they were well made. They have a compact size and easily fits into my coat pocket or glove box. The quality of the image when I look through the lens of these Tasco Essentials binoculars seems quite good. Surprisingly, actually, considering the price.

About a year after purchase they did split in half while in my coat and I didn't drop or throw them around. I've heard that it's called breakage...which is unfortunate because now I have two monoculars instead of a pair of binoculars.

By Bhodi

When you can't quite carry full sized binoculars, these are perfect. The Tesco Essentials are perfect field glasses at 10x25.

I've spotted and identified a ton of different birds when pulled over on the road or during my lunch break. These fit perfectly in my backpack for quick access.

The diopter adjustment isn't as wide as I'd like or how higher priced binoculars have them, but these are fine when in a pinch.

In fact, the quality is way above what you'd expect for something so inexpensive.