Vanguard Spirit ED 10×42 Binoculars Review

Picture of the Vanguard Spirit ED 10x42 binoculars Whether you are a sportsman, birdwatcher, or just looking for some high-end optics that you can rely on time and time again, it’s likely that you have come across Vanguard products in your search for elite level binoculars somewhere along the way.

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Widely recognized as one of the premier producers of high-end optics for some time now, the Vanguard Spirit ED 10×42 Binoculars have quickly become established as some of the very best binoculars you can find on the market for under $500.

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Offering a perfect blend of price, power, and performance – as well as a number of special features that you are sure to appreciate – there is a real reason why so many people continue to invest in these specific solutions across the board.

Those that have been searching for:

  • Phase coated prisms and multi coated lenses
  • Eye cups that provide ridiculously long I relief
  • Picture-perfect waterproof and fog proof construction
  • And ergonomics aesthetics that just cannot be topped

You are really going to appreciate everything that these binoculars brings to the table. You’re going to fall in love with the Vanguard Spirit ED 10×42 Binoculars – that’s just about guaranteed.

Vanguard Spirit ED  Binoculars Specifications

Vanguard Spirit ED 8x42Vanguard Spirit ED 10x42Vanguard Spirit ED 10x50



Eye Relief

19 mm16 mm19 mm

Field of View

330 ft/1000 yds314 ft/1000 yds295 ft/1000 yds

Close Focus

8.2 ft8.2 ft9.8 ft


Bak4 RoofBak4 RoofBak4 Roof


21 oz21 oz29.81 oz


145x125 mm145x125 mm170 x 135 mm

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Vanguard Spirit ED 10×42 Binoculars Special features

When it comes to binoculars, the biggest mistake you – or anyone else – could ever make is believing that there is nothing to really differentiate one set of binoculars from another.

Too terribly many people out there make this mistake on a regular and routine basis, just assuming that binoculars are all constructed nearly identical – and that they don’t have any specific “special features” to provide.

Picture of the Vanguard Spirit ED 10x42 binoculars

Literally nothing could be further from the truth. The first thing that you’re going to discover about the Vanguard Spirit ED 10×42 Binoculars, as far as special features are concerned, is that they provide crystal-clear optics inside one of the most comfortable binoculars body solutions you’ve ever seen.

Not only are you going to be able to use these binoculars over long periods of time, but you’re also going to be able to enjoy the experience as well.

Not too terribly many solutions on the market right now can make that exact same kind of claim.

This is thanks to the ergonomic design that these binoculars bring to the table, but you can’t discount the impact that the ridiculously lightweight (but super durable) construction materials contribute as well.

Secondly, these are 100% waterproof, 100% fog proof, and just about as close to “drop proof” as you’re going to find.

Every single component used to create these specific binoculars have been over engineered to produce stunning results in nearly any weather condition – guaranteed to give you the kind of optics power you’ve been searching for regardless of what kind of whether, terrain, or climate you find yourself in.

Finally, the control features that the Vanguard Spirit ED 10×42 Binoculars bring to the table are absolutely out of this world.


Everything is within reach of your fingers as you hold the device up to your eyes, allowing you to control and manipulate zoom, focus, and a number of other elite level features without ever having to take your eyes away from the binoculars or the subject that you are studying.

Zoom and clarity are off the charts, and you’re going to be able to track even the swiftest moving targets with these binoculars without any real extra effort whatsoever.

Everything is comfortable, everything just “makes sense”, and it’s likely that you are going to begin to feel as though you have been missing out on a picture-perfect binoculars experience the moment that you use these.

Luckily, you’ll never have to worry about that ever again.


Even the very best binoculars in the world would be absolutely useless if they weren’t amazingly portable.

Even though almost all of us consumers understand this factor and how critical a role it plays in the investment in specific binoculars over on another pair, manufacturers continue to get it wrong time and time again.

This is never going to be an issue when you invest in the Vanguard Spirit ED 10×42 Binoculars.

Not exactly compact (these binoculars are designated as “full frame”), you’re going to feel as though these binoculars are made from some sort space-age materials – simply because of how like they are.

Though the majority of the components used within these binoculars are the exact same ones used in many other elite level solutions, it’s the space-saving and weight shaving components that really elevate of these binoculars from well above average to top-tier.

Picture of the Vanguard Spirit ED 10x42 eye cups

Weighing in at just under a single pound, you’re never going to feel as though these are two big or too bulky to keep in your pack.

At the same time, for those that like to wear their binoculars around their neck on a regular basis – or at least while they are out in the woods – you might have a hard time remembering that you have these on you.  That’s exactly how lightweight they are!

Combine all of this with the ridiculously well designed and plotted out ergonomics and control system, and you have a pair of binoculars in the Vanguard Spirit ED 10×42 Binoculars had almost seem to become an extension of your hands and eyeballs.

You’ll be able to rely on the amazing zoom in and optic clarity that the solutions provide in a number of different situations that you would have hesitated to bring have your binoculars into.

Construction materials and durability

Though there are some that will tend to shy away from the “Made in China” designation, the truth of the matter is that these specific binoculars are absolutely off the charts as far as construction material quality and durability is concerned.

Each and every single component is manufactured to meet elite level criteria, and the fit and finish across the board is absolutely second to none.

Every one of the major components that these binoculars rely on our crafted from the very best materials available (including the binoculars glass), and everything has been engineered to fit just so to allow you to rely on the amazing waterproof, fog proof, and weatherproof capabilities.

It’s almost impossible to imagine that something so light could be so strong and well made – but that’s the reality that you’ll be living with the moment that you use the Vanguard 10×42 Spirit ED.

Recommended usage

The 10x optics allow you to bring subject matter very close up without ever leaving too much field of view ignored or “blocked out”, which makes these picture-perfect binoculars for birdwatching, hunting, or just enjoying the general outdoors.

You’ll be able to zoom in on subjects that you want to focus on – but will also be able to play the glass across a landscape until you find something that catches your eye and warrants further inspection.

Things to be aware of in regards to the Vanguard Spirit ED 10×42 Binoculars

The only thing that you’re really going to want to be aware of before you invest in these particular binoculars is that the binoculars strap could stand to be a bit more comfortable.

While the design isn’t too much of an annoyance in short periods of time, over a longer frame of use you’re definitely going to begin to notice it.

At this is a simple and straightforward upgrade, and is nowhere near a deal breaker in any sense of the phrase.

Final verdict

All in all, you are really going to struggle to find anything – ANYTHING – better than these specific binoculars available on the market today, especially at this price point.

It’s likely that you’re going to fall in love with the Vanguard Spirit ED 10×42 Binoculars just the same way people all over the planet has been for some time now – and don’t be surprised if people are trying to convince you to let them “borrow” these binoculars!

Vanguard Spirit ED Binoculars Review Binocs
Vanguard Spirit ED Binoculars Review
Perfect for birdwatching, hunting, or enjoying the general outdoors.
Bird Watching
Outdoor Sports
Wildlife Observation
Marine Use
Recognized as one of the premier producers of high-end optics, the Vanguard Spirit ED Binoculars have quickly become established as some of the very best binoculars you can find on the market for under $500.