Minox HG 10×43 BR Binoculars Review

Picture of the Minox HG BR 10x43 Binoculars

The Minox HG 10×43 BR binoculars look set to become a popular classic.

With their many features and special design through careful tests and engineering, it has been created to meet the biggest demands made on the market.

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They have been designed by German optic engineers who have made sure that the binoculars are of high quality.

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Minox HG BR Binoculars Specifications

Minox HG 8 X 33 BRMinox HG 8 X 43 BRMinox HG 10 X 43 BR



Eye Relief

15 mm18 mm15.5 mm

Field of View

394 ft/1000 yds321 ft/1000 yds321 ft/1000 yds

Close Focus

6.6 ft8.2 ft8.2 ft


Phase-coated BaK4Phase-coated BaK4Phase-coated BaK4




4.8" x 4.75"5.6" x 4.75"5.6" x 4.75"


A Design For Performance

 It’s clear just by looking at them that Minox were totally focused on performance when they developed and designed these binoculars.

They were designed by engineers in Wetzlar in Germany who created the high quality optics.

They ran multiple tests to make sure that the users can get the best possible performance from them no matter what the situation may call for. Schott AG, the German glass specialists provided the glass for the lenses and helped develop the optical system.

They were able to create lenses that create an impressively high amount of light transmission. This will be something that will impress many user as it is able to improve the brightness and the contrast of any sight that the lens is trying to capture.

Minox HG 10×43 BR Binoculars

The lenses themselves are kept in a very sleek and magnesium housing body, which makes them both sturdy and very impressive to look at.

They are also very lightweight which means that the user will be able to get a much fuller and enjoyable experience using them, probably more so than with any other pair of binoculars they have owned before.

It also ensures that the owner will have a very satisfying experience when using them. Minox have even gone one step further after installing the optics.

They have also included what is known as QCF focusing, which enables the user to make accurate distance readings while using the focus wheel. This is a very special feature which is often looked for by many customers.

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Light Transmission – Improved Contrast, Detail, and Brightness

Light transmission is arguably the most important aspect when it comes to good quality binoculars. The engineers that designed the lenses for Minox binoculars also created a rather unique addition called M-coating.

This coating is made up of 21 different and unique layers and they sit on the surface of the glass.

These layers are able to make changes in wavelengths in visible light. This results in a massive 92 percent overall light transmission.

This essentially means that contrast, detail, and brightness are all improved drastically by the different layers of coating, and colors are also rendered more effectively.

Unique Multi-Layered Lenses

 The optical system in the binoculars is practically brand new.

As a result, the coating that has been created by the experts at Minox also have anti-contrast and anti-reflection abilities.

The lenses that come with the binoculars are also aspherical lenses, which essentially means that the overall sharpness of the image you see is improved right from the center of the lens to the edge, instead of the image starting to blur at the edges like it does with other binoculars.

The binoculars also contain Argon gas, which is a state of the art gas that helps protect the lenses from fogging and corrosion.

This feature makes the binoculars a lot more reliable and durable. What makes it even better is that these special features on the lenses are available on all four model sizes (8×43, 10×43, 8.5×52, 10×52).

Minox HG BR Binoculars Review
Minox HG BR Binoculars Review
Sleek binoculars with superior lenses!!
Bird Watching
Outdoor Sports
Wildlife Observation
Marine Use
Minox have created a high-end, multi-coated lens in the Minox HG BR.  With many added features these binoculars are ideal for many different situations.

The mirroring of the roof prisms on the lenses is another magnificent triumph for Minox.

Using what is called MinoBright technology, the were able to create a coating based on silver. This coating is able to guarantee a massive improvement of 99.8 percent to the light that is reflected onto the mirrored surface.

This also helps improve the light transmission, which is another big step forward in improving that particular aspect. These advances in technology have all been made by the German pioneers that make the glass lenses, and most of them are employed in-house by Minox themselves.

As a result of their tireless efforts to improve every aspect of a customer’s experience with binoculars, Minox has now become industry known as one of the pioneer companies that look to find new levels at which to improve lenses while at the same time keeping the binoculars themselves at a high quality.

Zoom Features – Quick-Close-Focus

 Minox HG 10×43 BR BinocularsMinox have also spent quite a bit of time trying to improve the handling of the zoom abilities. With many pairs of binoculars you may find that zooming in results in a great reduction in quality, however with the Minox HG 10×43 BR binoculars that’s certainly not the case.

They have been able to improve and advance the handling by adding what is known as Quick-Close-Focus, again something that has been designed by Minox themselves.

This new feature enables you to focus the image really quickly when looking at something in close-up, and focus the image with more precision when looking at something in the distance.

It also comes with a scale on the central focusing wheel that will be very handy for many users. This feature essentially means that when looking at an image from a distance, the user will be able to know accurately the range of what they are looking at.


The Sleek and Stylish Body

Despite all the additions and new features that have been added to these binoculars, they weigh just 650 grams, which puts them right at the top of the list of the best available lightweight binoculars.

They are designed to have a very sleek and stylish body, and the rubber armor around it is designed to fit comfortably and naturally in the hands of the user.

The considerable reduction in weight is caused mainly by the magnesium alloy casing, which has been declared to be revolutionary.

The eyepieces come with the ability to click easily into four different positions, making it easy for the user to find a position that gives them the best comfort.

Even the large focusing wheel which has been redesigned looks very stylish and attractive, even though the majority of the time has been spent improving the actual features.

Our Verdict

 The  Minox HG 10×43 BR binoculars truly are the complete package. Every single aspect of their performance, including areas that were already impressive to begin with, have been readdressed.

This is largely down to Minox’s drive to create the perfect pair of binoculars, and with this particular design they certainly haven’t fallen short.

They have been able to redesign almost every aspect of performance using their own in-house experts to make things exactly the way they wanted them.

This will have naturally been of huge benefit to them when it came time to design the actual body, which as we’ve seen is very stylish and very attractive to look at.

The new coating formulas that have been used on the lenses though are the real triumph. Minox have been able to improve light transmission to levels that have never been seen before, and at the same time have been able to find ways to improve every other aspect of the overall image.

The large focusing wheel at the center of the binoculars could have easily become an eyesore that most users didn’t want in the first place. But Minox where able to make it look stylish, attractive, and very useful all at the same time. These binoculars truly are a triumph.